When Laura Met Sting...


Stand In: Sting (links to MTVU website)
Posted December 8th, 2008 by mtvU

"Sting stands in at the University of Illinois at Chicago and proceeds to rock the house. That is how it all went down on Monday April 18th when Dr. Laura Schwendinger stepped down during her advanced music composition class and let rock legend, Sting and three of his band members Stand In.

Sting held his bass throughout the class, and spontaneously performed during a well spoken lecture on the topics of music and success. He played “Message in a Bottle”, a little Johann Sebastian Bach, and concluded by inviting the students to grab their instruments and play along during “Every Breath You Take.” Dr. Schwendinger’s class now joins the ranks of the very few who have ever played along with Sting in a venue containing only 40 people.
Not bad for a Monday."